#795 Series 1/2"

  • #795 Circle - Gold Spray

    #795 Round Frame - Gold Spray

    This round floater frame is perfect if you’re looking for a thin frame with an antique and classy feel. The ½” wide frame is finished in our gold spray. The solid gold paint is hand applied giving this round frame a soft gold finish...
  • #795 Rectangle Frame - Gold Spray

    #795 Rectangle Frame - Gold Spray

    The antique feel of this rectangle floater frame is from its gold spray finish. The ½” wide frame has a solid gold paint that is hand applied giving it a soft gold finish. Light stains and streaks are applied to this rectangle frame to add...
  • #795 Oval Frame - Gold Spray

    #795 Oval Frame - Gold Spray

    This oval floater frame in gold spray will add an antique and classy feel to artwork of 7/16” deep or a mirror. This ½” wide frame has a soft gold finish with light stains and streaks to add depth. We also carry an even thinner...