#795 Series 1/2"

  • #795 Circle Frame - Matte Black

    #795 Round Frame - Matte Black

    This round floater frame in matte black will match any artwork of 7/16” deep or a mirror. The contemporary mid-range flat black on this ½” wide frame is finished in a satin matte black which provides a sophisticated look. Check out...
  • #795 Rectangle Frame - Matte Black

    #795 Rectangle Frame - Matte Black

    If you’re looking to add a simple, thin frame to artwork of 7/16” deep or a mirror, this rectangle floater frame is a great choice. The simple, ½” face gives this rectangle frame a modern look and the satin matte black finish...
  • #795 Oval Frame - Matte Black

    #795 Oval Frame - Matte Black

    This matte black oval floater frame will add a sense of sophistication to artwork of 7/16” deep or a mirror. After artwork or a mirror is installed, the visible portion of the frame is ½” wide. The contemporary mid-range flat black...