Sample Arc Set


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The Sample Arc Display is a collection of many popular profiles along with a NEW collection of 50 Color Cards showing most of our standard finishes. This set can be used to design oval frame, round frames, closed corner rectangle frames, or any of our other unusual shape frames. In addition the Sample Arc Display can be used to design shadowboxes in any of our profiles, and in any shape, size or depth. With this Sample Arc Set you have the flexibility to customize virtually any design you can come up with. The $50 price is fully refundable once you reach $100 in purchases.


  • The Sample Arcs & Color cards can be used to design Oval Frames, Circle Frames, Rectangles, Shadowboxess, Hearts, Oblongs, Octagons, Hexagons, or Cathedrals. 
  • 9" Arcs are sized to fit within your normal corner sample display 
  • Each arc is available in up to 50 finishes 
  • Each Arc can be customized into any size or shape or depth.  
  • Each Arc is labeled to help you work with your customers in selecting the perfect oval, round or other specialty frame.
  • New color cards will automatically be sent to you as new finishes come available. 

Click here if you already have a Sample Arc Display and just want the Free Color Card Update.