Cove Rectangles

Cove corner rectangles are closed corner rectangle frames with rounded corners.  Cove corner rectangles are available in every frame profile and shape that is available in our standard rectangle frames at no extra cost. Each cove rectangle frame is made from one piece of wood and has no joints or seams.

Although oval, round and cove corner rectangle picture frames make up less than 5% of all picture frames produced today, this has not always been the case. Over half of the picture frames produced in America by some the largest picture frame factories in the late 1800's up to about 1940 were oval picture frames, round picture frames, or cove corner rectangle picture frames. A large percentage of these frames were used to frame family portraits with convex glass. Today many attics and basements are home to these family heirlooms. Our cove corner rectangle frames can be used with our without convex glass to give your piece an authentic antique look and feel. 

To purchase a cove rectangle you simply order any of our rectangle frames and specify that you would like it to be a cove rectangle in the order instructions/comments section at the bottom of your order confirmation on the check out page.

You can view all our rectangle frames and cove rectangle frames by clicking here.      

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    Cove Rectangles

    Cove Corner Rectangle Frames have rounded corners and are made from one piece of wood with no corner joints. All our Rectangle frames can be made as Cove Corner Rectangles or traditional 90 degree rectangle frames. To purchase a Cove Corner Rectangle,...