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Easy DIY Thanksgiving Door Decor


There are only so many cornucopias you can throw around the tables in your home when decorating for Thanksgiving. With limited options, you want to make sure you have a few pieces here and there that celebrate the harvest while still being unique.

If you are looking for some great DIY door decoration ideas for this Thanksgiving, see below for a few easy ideas that you can do right from home.

Go nuts over an acorn wreath. Acorns may feel like a pain when they fall on your head, but those tiny little treasures can actually make for a stunning and unique fall wreath. Start gathering them before they get broken apart by the squirrels, and make sure you have plenty to cover your base with a plentiful amount so that little space is seen. You can use anything from a straw or styrofoam wreath base to an old, unused circle picture frame. Then simply glue your acorns on your base, and add a large bow at the bottom or side for some color and contrast.

A narrow round picture frame or embroidery hoop wreath. For something more minimalist, try using something like a very thin oval picture frame or an embroidery hoop as the base of your decor. The simply wrap it in ribbon or add some large bunches of flowers to one side for a wreath that will leave a lot of open space in its center and not take away from your beautiful doors.

Get silly with a tulle turkey wreath. This one is better suited for the home where children live and play, and they can help in making it as well. Simply take a round styrofoam base wreath and wrap it in brown tulle all the way around, so none of the original styrofoam is showing. Then tie alternating different bright fall colors of tulle in knots around the center, with the ends sticking out. Do this about three-fourths around the base. Then add a painted half-sphere styrofoam into the center at the bottom with some googly eyes and a brightly colored felt waddle to complete your turkey.

Get cheery with a sunflower wreath. Sunflowers are an often overlooked fall flower, despite their large blooms and beautiful cheerful disposition. If you want something that really brings a rustic touch without dulling the look with shades of brown, use large artificial sunflowers mixed in with sprigs of wheat and cotton twigs for a unique and colorful wreath that will make you think of beautiful autumn days on a pumpkin farm.

Sparkle with metallic leaves. For a fresh twist on an old favorite, use leaves that you have spray painted in metallic golds, silvers and bronzes around an oval frame base for a wreath that catches the sunlight even on the shortest of days. You can also choose to leave the leaves in their original color form, but add a little twinkle with a glitter spray after preserving them. 

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