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Gorgeous Spring Picture Frame Door Hangers


Spring is the time for warm weather and bright colors, so this means more people will be outside in your neighborhood. One good way to show them your friendly facade is by hanging a colorful door hanger to celebrate the season.

If you are looking for some unique ideas for your doors this spring, see below for some great crafting tips on how to greet the new season in style.

Make a friendly rabbit with some old frames. If you have a few circle frames and oval picture frames that you are looking to repurpose, this adorable craft is for you. Not just for Easter, this crafty rabbit can greet your guests all spring long. Simply attach the two circle frames together using some hot glue or ribbon in a vertical shape to make your rabbit body. The use your two oval frames to make ears at the top of your circle frame. Spray paint them a gorgeous vintage white and distress the frames for a vintage look.

Use an old umbrella as a placeholder for your blooms. This works best if you have a mid-sized umbrella with a hooked handle at the end. Tie a ribbon around the midsection of your umbrella to keep it closed, but open enough at the top to insert your flowers. Use weight plastic bags with sand or crystals from the craft store to place your flowers in, and make several bunches of small arrangements. Drop the bags into sections of your umbrella and have the blooms stick out, and use the hooked handle at the end to hang.

Repurpose a wide-brimmed hat. Wide-brimmed hats are synonymous with gardening and days in the sun, so it’s the perfect base to make a unique door decoration. Take a large straw wide-brimming hat, and secure your favorite flowers all around the center. Then hang the hat vertically on a nail on your door. For a personal touch, you can have your family name embroidered on one side of the brim with the flowers secured on the other.

Make a mossy pallet with a monogram. For this, you’ll need a few supplies. First, glue wooden shims together that you can get at any hardware store to make a small square or rectangular pallet. Then paint your pallet is a bright color like white, cream or some pastel. After this, you’ll want to cover a wooden craft letter with dried green moss and secure it to your pallet. To make it a little less plain, you can add some spring flowers to your letter or around the pallet, or even something like colorful fake butterflies. Then add a ribbon to the back for hanging. 

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