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How to Take Your Best Summer Photographs


Photography is an art form that so many have become interested in over the years. Although some things are as easy as point and click, there are some expert tips that only the seasoned photographers know to get the best pictures throughout the seasons.

If you are looking to either take your own or book a summer photoshoot this season, see below for some great tips on how to get your best photos during this bright and colorful time of year.

Master your light timing. If you want to take really great outdoor photographs, you have to be aware of what time of the day the natural light is going to be best for your subject. By photographing the same area during different times, you can compare the photographs to see when it looks the most interesting to you. It helps always to do a quick internet search to know when the sun will rise and set on that particular day, as well as if you'll be dealing with weather-related issues such as dark clouds or rain.

Get out of your comfort zone. If you really want to take interesting photos, you have to go where interesting things are found. This could mean a nature walk off of the beaten path, or a short road trip to a well-known place in your state that you've never before seen. Getting out of your element will force you to explore new places and you may discover that you love photographing fields of flowers, or you're way more into the urban city scene.

Be intentional with your shots. You may be tempted to leave the house with a fresh set of batteries and an empty storage card only to take one hundred pictures of the same flower. Sure, one of these pictures could be gallery worthy, but the rest will be wasted time and space on your camera. When shooting candidly, think about what you are shooting. This will force you to take the time to think about your shots and develop your style as a photographer that makes you unique.

Get dramatic. Instead of only capturing the sunny days or summer, try going out when the weather is less than ideal. This will create ominous shots filled with steaming blacktop surfaces or gorgeous lightning strikes. Always proceed with caution, and be prepared to pack up quickly if you need to head home, but going out during the bad weather will get you shots you normally wouldn't be able to capture.

Print, print, print. After all of this work, you'll want to make sure your photos look as great in print as they do on a digital file. Any seasoned professional will tell you that technology changes and computers can distort the images or the colors. It's so important to print your photographs and put them in your favorite antique oval picture frame or gold oval picture frame to show off your progressive work.

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