Picking the Right Frame

4th Feb 2020

You have found a beautiful piece that you are excited to display at your home! Unfortunately, it’s unframed. Picking the right frame can help enhance a piece, or completely change the look and make … read more

Decorating your Staircase with Pictures

6th Nov 2019

The stairway is a well used, but often-underappreciated space. Why not let your family’s personality show on under utilized area! Here are some great ways to design your staircase to it’s creative … read more

Preserving Fall Leaves

3rd Oct 2019

Happy fall! We are in love with the golds, red and yellows of the season. Sometimes it feels that the changing of leaves can color a landscape more dramatically than wildflowers. Want to save some … read more

Cute Ways to Record Back to School

12th Sep 2019

It’s time for school to start! This is an exciting time for students (and their parents who finally get the house back), and it is important to try and capture these memories. Twelve years fly by s … read more