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Home Staging Tricks to Sell Your Home Quickly in the Spring


Spring is the most productive time of the year for real estate sales. Both buyers and sellers find that the market picks up significantly due to the nice weather and having more time off than in the winter.

However, no matter how clean you keep your home or how many potential buyers you have come to look at it, sometimes you need a little extra effort in order to sell your home quickly. Staging is very well known tactic that can give your home the push it needs when trying to sell quickly. See below for some great tips on how to stage your home for mass appeal.

Use mirrors to make smaller rooms look larger. Mirrors give the illusion of expanding walls as well as reflecting light into rooms to make them appear bigger. A large oval frame mirror hung over a bed frame in the bedroom will make a small room look larger, as well as add an elegant touch. Antique oval frame mirrors are also a great addition to a smaller bathroom. Bathrooms and kitchens are what tend to sell homes, so it's important to upsell these areas more than others.

Pack up personal items and make themed rooms more neutral. When homebuyers are looking at a home, they want to picture themselves there, not the current owners. If there are themed rooms not to their liking, it will be harder than having to get past an undesirable paint color. Put away personal photographs so that your memories tied to the home will not be linked to your potential buyers' minds as they look to see if they can build a life and new memories there.

Organize and clean out storage spaces. Cleaning out closets to the bare minimum of what you need will give the illusion of having a large closet space. Also do the same for any storage that may have become cluttered over the years. Not only will it help when it comes time to pack up after the sale, but it will showcase the available storage in your home, which is a major selling point that buyers will be looking for.

Use lighting to your advantage. If you have a particularly beautiful room that is flooded with natural light, be sure to keep all of the curtains and blinds open on those sunny show days. Hang beautiful pieces that will reflect the light, like a gold oval or antique glass picture frames. If you have rooms that do not have the advantage of natural light, or you want to be able to show your home on the most dismal of spring rainy days, change out all light bulbs for bright ones that will simulate daylight, in at least 100 watts. 

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