Flat Acrylic

We carry a variety of Flat Acrylic glazing options in addition to our convex glass and other flat glass options.

Our acrylic options include UV-OP3 Acrylic which filters 98% of UV light. UV-OP3 Acrylic is available in all sizes to fit our oval picture frames, round picture frames, rectangle picture frames, as well as our specialty frames - like Octagon frames, Hexagon frames, Cathedral frames and Heart shaped frames. 

We also carry standard Acrylite FF Acrylic which like our UV-OP# is available to fit all shapes and sizes of framing options. All our shapes from Oval Frames to Round, Heart, Octagon, Hexagon, Cathedral and Rectangle. 

Our acrylic panes can also be purchased with custom shapes and sizes of frames which simplifies the framing process for unusually shaped frames and shadowboxes.