Where To Buy

InLine Ovals is a manufacturer selling on a wholesale basis to in a variety of framing related industries. 

InLine was established in 1986 as an offshoot of a successful custom frame shop who was struggling to find a consistent and affordable source for oval picture frames and round picture frames. Starting with 3 profiles and just a few sizes, InLine Ovals grew quickly as other custom frame shops were eager to find a reliable source for oval and round picture frames. We continue to work with the top custom frame shops providing everything from oval, round and other unusually shaped picture frames to convex glass and other specialty framing products. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or already have an account, please click here to register and login.

InLine Ovals serves the hospitality industry though commercial framers, designers and art consultants. We take great satisfaction in working with designers to customize our standard frames to meet specific design needs. We provide quick prototype, competitive pricing and huge variety in our offerings and abilities. If you are interested in learning more about our hospitality design services, email us a sales@inlineovals.com or click here to register.

InLine Ovals also serves the floral preservation industry working with the top floral preservationists to provide framed floral displays for wedding flowers, funeral flowers or other special events. Special unit pricing for floral preservation groups our shadowboxes and sealed frame units with acrylic or glass domes. If you are interested in learning more about floral preservation program, please click here.

Retail inquiries and orders can be placed through any dealer in your area or if you would like to make a retail purchase online, please visit www.victorianframecompany.com.