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#830 Octagon Frame - Vintage Walnut

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#830 Octagon Frame - Vintage Walnut
#830 Arc Sample - Vintage Walnut
#830 Profile Drawing
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#830 Octagon Frame - Vintage Walnut


A 2-3/4" wide flat contemporary wooden octagon frame that works well in most settings. This frame is finished in Vintage Walnut, one of the most popular oval frame finishes for over 200 years. This Vintage Walnut frame is hand finished with the same techniques used to create today's antiques, and this frame is a replica of many antique frames still found today. Although widely used for antique restoration, this frame remains popular for contemporary designs as well.  

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Rabbet Depth:
Color Group:
Finish Name:
Vintage Walnut
Profile Width in Inches:
2 3/4
Size in inches:
8 7/8x12 11/16
Size in inches:
9 5/8x15 11/16
Size in inches:
10 5/8x17 11/16
Size in inches:
11 3/4x19 15/16

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