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#603 Arc Sample - Silver

#603 Octagon Frame - Silver

A Victorian looking wooden octagon frame with a 1-7/8" wide traditional scoop and 4 ornamented medallions. Artisans hand finish and age this frame to give a soft silver finish. This frame can help...
#485 Circle Frame - Matte Black

#485 Circle Frame - Matte Black

The clean, sharp lines and angles on this wood frame are perfect in a contemporary room. The frame is 3" wide frame provide a substantial but not overpowering look. Black is always 'in', and this...
#811 Circle - Sunset Gold

#811 Circle Frame - Sunset Gold

A 1" wide flat modern wood round picture frame with decorative medallions. This frame is a good choice for smaller sized spaces and mirrors. Sunset Gold is a shade of a gorgeous golden color with...