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Cathedral Glass-Museum Quality Flat #917D

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Cathedral Glass-Museum Quality Flat


#917 Cathedral (Single Boiler) Museum Quality Flat Glass is a high quality regular framing glass. All Cathedral (or Single Boiler) Flat Glass is available in 4 standard antique sizes.  


Compare Glass Options: 

  • #903 - Premium Clear (45% UV filtered - less than 8% light reflection)
  • #904 - Anti Reflective (78% UV filtered - less than 1% light reflection) 
  • #906 - Conservation Clear  (97% UV filtering - 8% light reflection)
  • #917 - Museum Quality - (99% UV filtering, less than 1% light reflection)

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Larger Size Options:

We carry acrylic panes in any size or shape. Acrylic is safer for shipping and handling of larger round sizes. 

  • #914 UV Protected  
  • #915 Standard Framing Acrylic




Glass-Museum Quality

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