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Octagon Glass-Premium Clear Flat #903T

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Glass-Premium Clear Flat
Octagon Glass-Premium Clear Flat #903T
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Glass-Premium Clear Flat


#903 Octagon Premium Clear Flat Glass is a high quality regular framing glass. All Octagon Flat Glass is cut to fit antique Octagon shapes and sizes. 


Convex Glass Options:

Octagon glass is most popular in convex sizes. We bend convex glass in all standard sizes and shapes, and we can customize virtually any additional size. Click here to go to Convex Glass   


Compare Flat Glass Options: 

  • #903 - Premium Clear (45% UV filtered - less than 8% light reflection)
  • #904 - Anti Reflective (78% UV filtered - less than 1% light reflection) 
  • #906 - Conservation Clear  (97% UV filtering - 8% light reflection)
  • #917 - Museum Quality - (99% UV filtering, less than 1% light reflection)

To view technical data on flat glass click here


Larger Size Options:

We carry acrylic panes in any size or shape. Acrylic is safer for shipping and handling of larger sizes. 

  • #914 UV Protected  
  • #915 Standard Framing Acrylic



Glass-Premium Clear

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