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Oval Acrylic Dome-UV #911A

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UV Oval Acrylic Dome


#911 Oval UV protected acrylic domes filter 98% of harmful UV light and are made to fit any frame we carry. These domes are perfect for displaying all kinds of items where a timeless look and exceptional framing standards are required. Acrylic domes are used extensively by floral preservationists to preserve bridal bouquets, funeral flowers, and flowers from other special events. In addition, our domes and wall frames are excellent for framing keepsakes, memorabilia and other treasures. The acrylic dome lends itself well to a wall frame and allows the items inside to be viewed from the side as well as the front of the framed display. 

Sizes, Shapes and Depths

We carry acrylic domes to fit oval, round, rectangle, heart, cathedral, and oblong shaped frames in sizes from 4” up to 36” diameters. Most of our domes can be ordered in a standard depth and a deeper depth so there will be no excess space within the display. In addition when your design calls for extra depth, you can combine our shadowboxes with an acrylic dome to achieve the correct depth needed. 

UV Protection 

Our acrylic domes are made using top quality acrylic, specifically designed to ensure exceptional UV (Ultraviolet ray) protection, excellent optical quality and clarity. All of our acrylic domes have UV stabilizing which ensures the acrylic will not yellow or age over time as sometimes happens with other materials exposed to light. In addition our standard line of acrylic domes has 78% UV filtering while our UV Domes filter 98% of UV light and will assist in preserving your keepsake for years. 

Scratches and durability

All of our domes come specially wrapped in plastic wrap and are guaranteed against scratches and damage. Additionally, we carry a line of acrylic polish for small scratches and cleaning. 

Frames for Acrylic Domes

Our acrylic domes can be purchased individually or as an accessory to a frame.  If you would like to buy a frame and an acrylic dome together, simply find the frame you like and then choose acrylic dome as an option. 


Acrylic Domes or Convex Glass?

Acrylic Domes are deeper in most instances than Convex glass and can have depths up to 7". Convex glass normally has a bend of about 3/4" to 1”. Convex glass is ideal for antique photos and other shallow displays while acrlyic domes are most useful for is displaying memorabilia or other items requiring a deeper display. To view our convex glass click here.




Acrlylic Dome UV

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