Six Ways to Upcycle a Broken Mirror

There are several ways a mirror can be damaged in your home, but the most common way to lose your favorite reflection piece is by it falling, and consequently shattering into pieces on the floor.While you may be able to easily replace the glass within the frame, don’t throw out those broken shards just yet. There are several DIY projects that you can use large or smaller pieces of broken mirror to take something from blah to bling. Use the glass as part of the new mirror frame. If you want …
24th Sep 2017

Mirror Magic: Different Kinds of Mirrors as Home Décor

Mirrors have a special kind of magic. These silvery layers reflect beauty and light, adding depth and texture to a room. Mirrors have different effects depending on what shape and size you choose and on where you place them. Mirrors can be the superstars of the room or they can provide support for the room’s focal point.Now, here are the different types of framed mirrors and where you can place them:Framed rectangle mirror (vertical)The rectangular-shaped mirror is quite versatile. It work …
1st Apr 2017

A Guide to Buying Antique Mirrors

Antique framed mirrors can cost a pretty penny. Since the 17th century, mirrors were a status symbol. Their uniqueness and high cost meant that only royalty and well-to-do households could afford them. As such, most antique mirrors boast of a well-made wooden or metal frame, ornate carvings and gilt finishing – all symbols of a luxurious lifestyle.So, would you like to have a piece of history with an authentic antique mirror? Do a thorough inspection of the mirror first. Just because a mir …
12th Dec 2016