Mirror Magic: Different Kinds of Mirrors as Home Décor

Mirrors have a special kind of magic. These silvery layers reflect beauty and light, adding depth and texture to a room. Mirrors have different effects depending on what shape and size you choose and on where you place them. Mirrors can be the superstars of the room or they can provide support for the room’s focal point.

Now, here are the different types of framed mirrors and where you can place them:

Framed rectangle mirror (vertical)

The rectangular-shaped mirror is quite versatile. It works well for both modern frames as well as antique designs. It can be hung on the wall, leaned against the wall or placed atop a shelf or console table. Larger vertical rectangles can also be placed on the floor to add vibrancy to an otherwise ignored corner. The vertical rectangles are best placed in the foyer, in the living room or in the hallway. Another option is to put the vertical rectangle opposite the window so that it is able to reflect the view outdoors and let more light in.

You can also place a vertical rectangle at the top of the toilet or the bathroom sink, just make sure that the width of the mirror frame is roughly the same as the width of the toilet top or sink. This provides a sense of continuity and length, making a small bathroom look taller.

Framed rectangle mirror (horizontal)

The horizontal rectangle is shaped very similarly to a painting so you can treat this mirror the same way you can treat a landscape painting. With this, it is very important to choose the right frame design. For instance, choose an antique gold frame for a classic and luxurious look and feel. You can also place the horizontal rectangle right above the living room sofa or above the console table. The rule of thumb is that the framed mirror should be approximately three-fourths the length of the piece of furniture it is placed over.

You can also place this mirror at the dining area, where it can reflect the lighting and set the mood. Choose a framed mirror with an ornate design. Or, you can place this right above the kitchen sink, in case you have a small kitchen that needs some brightening up.

Framed oval mirror

The framed oval mirror, similarly to the horizontal rectangle mirror, is reminiscent of a painting – this time that of a portrait. The classic oval shape can either be placed horizontally or vertically. It has soft lines but is not too overpowering. This type of mirrors can be treated as portrait paintings – and will fit perfectly above the mantel, a console table or at the bottom of the stairway. This provides a welcoming and warm atmosphere and gives one the chance to check his appearance while he is on the go.

The framed oval mirror can also work in between two design elements. For instance, you can place the vertical oval mirror in between two paintings, two windows or two light sconces.

Framed round mirror

The round mirror shape reminds one of the queen’s mirror, when she proclaims, “Mirror, Mirror, who is the fairest of them all?” The framed round mirror evokes a sense of balance. With the round shape, you don’t have to worry about uneven corners. The round shape can also soften a room that is filled with severe, straight lines. For added drama, hang a large round mirror on top of the mantel, console table or dresser table. Match the theme of the other furniture pieces. For instance, an ornate and wide gold frame can be used to match a dresser table that has gold accents.

You can place mirrors on top of the bathroom sink. For the bedroom, you can place a number of small round mirrors to serve as the headboard. You can also lay a round mirror on the bedside table. Place your lampshade atop it, so that the mirror underneath reflects the light and creates a romantic atmosphere in the room.

1st Apr 2017

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