Decorating Your Home With Shadowboxes

A rectangular shadow box frame is a three-dimensional frame with a glass casing in the front used to display objects that would otherwise not work in a flat space on the wall. They can be used to display art, photos, objects of personal significance or treasured collections.There are so many ways to use shadowboxes, that they are one of the best investments for not only decorating but organizing your home. Taking that junk drawer apart may seem like a pain, but there are probably some forg …
6th Dec 2017

Easy and Cheap DIY Sport Jersey Display Case

Whether you are a sports memorabilia collector or the mom of kids in various sports, displaying a sports jersey is a great way to personalize your home décor while preserving treasured memories. It will become a great conversation piece over time.The first thing to do is to choose a frame. Professional framers can be very expensive so if you are going the DIY route, look for a large rectangular shadow box frame. The color of the frame should complement the jersey, and the glass should pref …
12th Aug 2017

Make Your Beach Memories Last Forever- A Shells and Sand Shadow Box DIY

The sun, the sand and the beautiful water are all big parts of the memories made during a beach vacation. The saddest part of any trip to the beach is leaving it behind when you go. Why not take a little piece of your vacation home with you with a shells and sand shadowbox? Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for one you can easily complete on your own with just a quick outing to the beach and to your local craft store.Items you will need for this shadowbox include: A half a cup of sandA doz …
13th Jul 2017