Easy and Cheap DIY Sport Jersey Display Case

Whether you are a sports memorabilia collector or the mom of kids in various sports, displaying a sports jersey is a great way to personalize your home décor while preserving treasured memories. It will become a great conversation piece over time.

The first thing to do is to choose a frame. Professional framers can be very expensive so if you are going the DIY route, look for a large rectangular shadow box frame. The color of the frame should complement the jersey, and the glass should preferably be treated to repel UV rays. Make sure there is at least an inch of depth in between the glass and the backing of the shadow box to accommodate the width of the jersey. Choose a backing with foam to hold the weight of the jersey and find an acid-free archival paper. The paper will be placed over the foam, so try to use a neutral color.

As soon as the frame and backing have been purchase, use a X-ACTO knife to cut the foam and archival paper to fit inside the rectangular shadow box frame. Use another, smaller piece of foam inside of the jersey to prop it up inside of the frame. Then, straight pin the jersey to the foam.

Once the rectangular foam is inside the jersey, fold it so that number and name of player are visible. Fold the neck and the bottom of the shirt under the foam board and straight pin them together. Then fold the sleeves out, so the name of the team is visible and straight pin those as well. Once the jersey is folded in the desired position, sew the edges of the shirt down along the hem, along the sleeves and along the collar. Keep the thread along the back of the material, so the seams are not exposed. Use clear thread if possible and a small needle to minimize causing tears in the fabric.

Once the jersey is ready, mount it to the back of the shadow box, placing it into the frame. The cloth of the jersey needs to be kept away from the glass, because contact may cause moisture which will result in mold. Mount the jersey to a stud and enjoy your framed sports jersey! 

12th Aug 2017

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