Framed Mirror Displays

Tip #2 - A Framed Oval or Round Mirror Display Generates Sales

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Christine was a regular customer of her local custom frame shop, but when she was looking for a round framed mirror to hang in the entry way of her new home, she didn’t go to her local frame shop. Instead, she went to a nearby discount store because she had seen round mirrors on display there. She found a few styles that were close to what she wanted, but none were the size she needed for her hallway.

Frustrated, Christine came back to her custom frame shop and said, “I’ve looked everywhere. I know you don’t carry ovals and rounds, but is it possible to make a round frame to fit a mirror?”

The framer looked through the InLine Ovals catalog, and found a frame that was the exact size her customer needed. The framer said to me,

I was surprised that my customer didn’t know we could do a round mirror. She’s been in our shop a dozen times in the past couple of years, but we had no round frames on display so she just assumed we didn’t carry them. I wonder how many other sales I’ve lost by not promoting ovals or rounds?

The experience of this frame shop ownder is not uncommon. Did you know that the average frame shop which displays and promotes oval and round frames sells on average FIVE TIMES the number of ovals and round frames as the shop who displays nothing?


Framers who display an Oval or Round Framed Mirror often hear customers say something like, “That’s a great idea, I didn’t know you did round frames and mirrors.” Resulting in an additional sale or returning customer at some time in the future.

To help you get started, with a Framed Mirror Display in your store, we are offering 25% off any of our Framed Oval or Round Mirror Displays

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