Sample Arc Sets

Tip #3 - A Sample Arc Set Generates Sales for Oval and Round Frames


"I love your products, but I just don't get much call for ovals or rounds in my shop." When an experienced frame shop owner made this comment to me recently, I asked a few follow up questions:

I asked, "How many rectangle frames did you sell last month?" He said, "About 50."

I asked, "How many corner samples are hanging in your store to generate those sales?" He said, "About 800."

I asked, "How many oval frames did you sell last month? He said, "Zero."

I asked, "And how many Sample Arcs are hanging in your store to generate those sales?" He said, "Zero."

He laughed and said, "I get your point." He then ordered a Set of Sample Arcs and aFramed Oval Display Model, put them up in his store. He now does a consistent business in oval and round frames.

Oval and Round frames can be a consistent and steady part of your custom framing business as well. In fact, our research shows that framers who display Sample Arc Sets and other Oval Displays sell FIVE TIMES the number of oval and round frames as those who don't.

For many of your customers an oval or round frame is what they consider a truly custom frame, because it is so hard to find. Your customers come to your shop, because they know you can do anything. When customers come into your show room, they see hundreds of corner samples, and dozens of framed examples of rectangle and square frames. But if you have no visible Sample Arcs or Oval Displays, you make it clear that you DON'T do ovals. No wonder no one asks!!

Many framers do a solid and regular business with oval and round frames. They understand that while Ovals and Rounds will always be a complement to the main mouldings they offer, Arc Samples and other oval displays tell your customers that you are truly a full service frame shop.

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