Vintage Frames & Convex Glass

Tip #1 - A Vintage Frame & Convex Glass Display Generate Sales

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I recently spoke with a new frame shop owner who was calling to order a Vintage Oval Frame & Convex Glass Display Model, and to explain why she needed one. She explained...

After 2 years in operation at my new store I had a customer come in looking for a replacement piece of oval convex glass. She had been in my store before but had not asked me for this because she said, she didn't see any ovals on display and assumed I only did rectangles.

The customer had tried a few other places, including the local box stores, and couldn't find convex glass anywhere. She finally came back to my shop because she realized the only way to get it reframed was to have it custom framed.

When my customer showed me the oval frame, I remembered working with InLine Ovals at another store I had worked at, so we looked online and found the replacement convex glass. Then, when the customer saw the vintage oval frames she decided to replace the frame as well. It ended up being a $250 job that took about 15 minutes to sell and 15 minutes to frame and my customer was ecstatic. 

The framer continued,

We used InLine Ovals all the time at my previous store, but it took me 2 years to get my first request in my new store. I realized what was different was my old store had oval frames hung and I have nothing like that on display!

Is a Vintage Display Worth It?

YES! Framers who visibly display Oval or Round Frames and Sample ArcsSELL FIVE TIMES as many ovals as framers who display no ovals in their showroom.

Some of the largest manufacturers of picture frames in the early 1900's manufactured more than half of their frames as ovals. Customers that are in your store every day, have these antique pieces in their basements, attics and hanging on their walls. They don't know where they can go to have the frame and glass reproduced. Make sure your customers know that you are a full service custom frame shop by displaying a Vintage Frame & Convex Glass Model in your showroom.

Certainly oval and rounds are just one part of your business, but if you treat them as a side business without any thought of promoting them, you may be missing out on a profitable aspect of your custom framing business.

How to Sell More Oval Frames

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