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Oval Convex Glass #900A

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Oval Convex Glass
Oval Convex Glass
Oval Convex Glass
Convex Glass - Side View
Convex Glass - Side View
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Oval Convex Glass


For a classic framing of a family portrait, Oval Convex Glass is the perfect option. On this page you can order Oval Convex Glass (or Bubble Glass), which will fit into any profile of our oval picture frames. When ordered with an Oval frame from our Vintage Collection which you can view by clicking here, it gives an authentic antique feel to your photograph. 

Our Oval Convex Glass (or Bubble Glass) is available in several antique sizes.

Click Here to see all oval picture frames that can be ordered with this convex glass. 

Have questions? Click here to visit our Convex glass FAQ page.


What is the difference between convex glass and bubble glass?

Is there a difference between concave and convex glass?

How is convex glass measured?

How is convex glass installed?

How do I find convex glass to fit an antique frame?

How do I order custom sized convex glass?

What is convex glass used for?

How is convex glass bent?

What is the history behind convex glass?

Should I choose an acrylic dome or deep convex glass?



Convex Glass

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Oval Convex Glass

    Great fit! As good as new now.

  • 5

    Oval Convex Glass

    Perfect. Came fast and was just what we needed! Thank you!

  • 5

    Great product!

    Got exactly what I ordered! Beautiful convex glass!

  • 5

    I can only say I am impressed!

    My 16 x 20 convex glass arrived in perfect condition and on time! It's actually much lighter than I expected it to be. This item was package so carefully there was just no way it could break enroute! Thank you inlineovals for helping me restore a treasured item!

  • 5

    Fit great and looks perfect!

    Beautiful piece of glass that the customer loved! Thank you!

  • 5


    Convex glass with an oval frame for portraits of my parents came out classically beautiful.

  • 5

    Perfect fit for an antique frame and photograph

    As a conservation business, we have many clients that bring us convex photograph portraits in need of conservation and restoration. Antique convex glass is often very difficult to find, and the convex glass that InLine Ovals offers is a great option for replacement of broken or missing glass in convex oval portraits and frames. In this case, the curve of the photograph was a perfect fit to the the curve of the glass.

  • 5

    Just what I wanted

    The glass was perfect. It fit the frame exactly. I would order this again if needed.

  • 5

    Happy to find the product that I was looking for

    The glass was perfect for my project.

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