Decorating your Staircase with Pictures

The stairway is a well used, but often-underappreciated space. Why not let your family’s personality show on under utilized area! Here are some great ways to design your staircase to it’s creative potential.

Choose a color. The staircase can be a tricky area to paint; it must be harmonious with both the upstairs and downstairs color schemes. Plus, staircase lighting can be tricky! Another thing to remember is people, especially kids, like to run their hands along the wall, or use it for support when going up and down. Be sure to pick a color that can help hide the grime and stains that their hands can leave.

Don’t let the angle of the staircase throw you. Hanging your pictures on a slope can be tricky! A good way to achieve balance when working with staircases is to pick a distance from the step to the hanging site and have that be consistent, between 40-60 inches from the step is generally is a good height. For those who want to play with frames sizes and styles, having a large picture every few step with this consistent distance as an “anchor” can help keep the harmony with your design. As always, laying out your pictures on the ground first to determine the layout can save you a lot of time, hassle, and unnecessary damage to the walls.

Pick a theme. Pictures are often more fun to follow if there is a story. Maybe save the stairway for vacation photos or back to school pictures. You also don’t need to be committed to framed photographs either. Mounting items that are special to your family can also be a great to utilize this space. For example, if you enjoy quilting hanging a quilt every few steps can showcase your talents while giving the area more “homey” feel.

Don’t forget the railing! You can paint or stain the railing to match your new home decor. Or use it to hang props. Decorate it with fake flowers or hang things that can match your theme. 

6th Nov 2019

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