How to Hang Pictures Without Damaging Your Walls

One of the best ways to make a house feel like home is to personalize it with memories and pictures. Unfortunately, not everyone can hang things and risk damage to the walls. Luckily, there are many ways to work with damage free hanging!

Adhesives. There are plenty of adhesives on the market to help you hang things. Tapes, hooks and tacks with sticky backs can make things easy! When using adhesives, make sure your wall is clean, smooth and dry. If you are looking to hang something that you will be moving or using a lot, velcro is another great option. Depending on the weight of what you are hanging, sometimes something as simple as double-sided tape can do the trick. Pro-tip, leave a little of the adhesive backing still visible to make it easy to remove when that time comes!

Monkey hooks. Monkey hooks are a handy, J-shaped hook that creates a very small, almost unnoticeable hole. These hook are as easy to press into the wall as a tack so it doesn’t require any tools. They can also hold up to 50lbs!

Hanging strings. Have you found a few holes in your wall already? Simply push in tacks or nails into pre-existing holes and tie a string or twine between them. This way you can clip, tie or hang photos onto this string. Be careful, sometimes these can’t handle much weight.

Speaking of hanging, you can use S shaped hooks and hang things from moldings, railings or anything you can hook it onto. First, hang the hook a sturdy surface. Tie a string to the back of a painting or lightweight frame then attach this to the hook so it hangs. This can look pretty neat, especially if you using twine or colored string. You can even use these hooks to hang images from a ladder, off the fireplace or from a window.

Damage to your walls shouldn’t stop your creativity. There are plenty of ways to maintain your sense of home, and the integrity of your walls!

26th Feb 2020

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