Picking the Right Frame

You have found a beautiful piece that you are excited to display at your home! Unfortunately, it’s unframed. Picking the right frame can help enhance a piece, or completely change the look and make it unnoticeable. There are lots of frames to choose from, here a few of the more popular ones to help narrow it down.

Black frames are a great way to frame modern or elegant pieces. Darker elements will be enhanced with black frames. If you have a busy image, black frames can keep the attention on the detail within the piece.

White frames are starting to gain popularity more recently. These are often used for a more whimsical look with candids, and do great for beach and vacation photos. Both black and white frames tend to look good in groupings and collages.

Wood frames are a great choice to give an image a more rustic feel. These are great when framing nature pictures, especially when warmer colors like red, yellows and oranges are featured in the picture. Having your wood frames match your wood trim can help the images tie in with the overall home feel. Having a hard time making a wood frame match? You can stain, paint, or sand a wood frame to your liking!

Metal frames are good for simpler images to help make a more modern vibe. These frames are great for those spaces that are trendier. Metal frames can draw the eye to an image which otherwise might be hard to stick out. These also do well with black and white images, creating a contrast that won’t jarr with the colors, but doesn’t blend in with the frame.

Some last minute tips! Pick a frame to match the décor in your home, and not the image. Creating continuity throughout the home is more important than matching one piece. Pick darker colors for formal pictures and light colors for candid and casual photos. Last, make your mat and your frame different colors, the contrast makes the image pop.

4th Feb 2020

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