How To Pull Off the Perfect Valentine’s Photo Shoot

February is a great month to schedule a photo shoot either with your sweetheart or your family. While other holidays or seasons may lend themselves to a relaxed shoot, this time of year can be tricky, but rewarding if you can get the right location and props.If you are scheduling a shoot for this loveliest of months, see the tips below for the best way to get the most of out of your photographs. Put your focus on your subject, not the background. If you are trying to convey that you only ha …
5th Feb 2018

Summer Decorating- Red, White and Blue Chic

As summer comes blazing into our lives and our homes, it is most deeply celebrated by its biggest holiday. Embrace the joyfulness and pride of the Fourth of July by tastefully incorporating our country’s beloved trio of colors into our homes. Here are some tips on ways to celebrate while you decorate with red, white and blue throughout your home.For the Living Room - Give the most lived-in area a seasonal makeover by adding in fluffy canvas pillows adorned with American flags. Use light-we …
1st Jul 2017