How To Pull Off the Perfect Valentine’s Photo Shoot

February is a great month to schedule a photo shoot either with your sweetheart or your family. While other holidays or seasons may lend themselves to a relaxed shoot, this time of year can be tricky, but rewarding if you can get the right location and props.

If you are scheduling a shoot for this loveliest of months, see the tips below for the best way to get the most of out of your photographs.

Put your focus on your subject, not the background. If you are trying to convey that you only have eyes for each other, have the photographer take a few photos where only you and your partner are in focus, with a blurry background. Not only is this style very artistic, but it can help viewers to focus on the subject of the photograph instead of what's happening behind them.

Get candid. A few staged photos is never a bad idea if only to ensure that all of your subjects are facing the camera for a few frames. However, candid photos are best when you are trying to show the love, particularly with family shoots. Pick a location that you are most comfortable in, and can relax. Wear comfortable but stylish clothes, and just enjoy the day or evening with your family or partner as the photographer captures it. Try your best to ignore the clicking of the camera, and you'll get some genuine shots.

Don’t be afraid to bring your own props. Balloons, streamers, funny faces to hold up and umbrellas make for amazing photo shoot props. If your photographer doesn't provide any of these things, be sure to bring your own stash and just have fun. You may want to use several different props, or have a common theme for all of the photos. Whatever you choose, don't use props for every photo. You'll want a least a few where just you and your family or partner are showcased.

Be fed, and bring snacks. If you are planning a long shoot, you'll want to make sure you have a hearty meal beforehand to stave off hunger. If you have children in your shoot, you'll also want to bring snacks and drinks to keep them satisfied and make sure your shoot is well before or after nap time.

Always, always print your photographs. Technology can't be trusted to keep your treasures safe forever, but a print will last a lifetime if well taken care of. Pick some of your favorite photo files, and put them in some beautiful antique oval picture frames or bubble glass picture frames. If you want to make a theme photo set, a rectangular shadow box allows you to add photos as well as three-dimensional props from the day or set.

5th Feb 2018

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