Summer Decorating- Red, White and Blue Chic

As summer comes blazing into our lives and our homes, it is most deeply celebrated by its biggest holiday. Embrace the joyfulness and pride of the Fourth of July by tastefully incorporating our country’s beloved trio of colors into our homes. Here are some tips on ways to celebrate while you decorate with red, white and blue throughout your home.

For the Living Room - Give the most lived-in area a seasonal makeover by adding in fluffy canvas pillows adorned with American flags. Use light-weight cotton throw blankets in bright reds and blues. Consider using a durable white slipcover over your sofas and add books about American history and travel to the coffee table. And for the mantle, an American flag framed in a bubble glass picture frame is a perfect way to center your Americana-inspired décor.

For the Dining Room - Nothing beats the freshness of an all-white dining room tablescape for summer. Plain white dishes create a fresh and clean backdrop for bold color. Add in bright pops of cheer with navy blue napkins and vases of bright red tulips. Stemware is also a fun way to add in some pretty red, white and blue with glasses of cobalt blue or poppy red. Consider using vintage picture frames to frame black and white photographs of a family member who served in the military or to frame pictures of summer family gatherings.

For the Front Porch - To make a beautiful first impression on your guests, drape flag bunting along the front porch railing and on top of the front door. Outdoor pillows can easily be swapped out for bright red and blue ones. Add a pretty white floral wreath and proudly hang an American flag to give a patriotic and welcoming touch.

For the Backyard - Fill your flower beds with red knock-out roses, blue hydrangeas and white lilies. Trim the edge of the beds with bright white fencing. Fill navy blue flower pots with red and white geraniums and place them on top of outdoor furniture and lovely white plant stands. Be sure to add small American flags into all the floral arrangements, too. Drape red, white and blue LED fairy lights alongside the backyard fence to add a warm glow to your nighttime entertaining. 

1st Jul 2017

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