Expert Tips on How to Photograph Landscapes

There are so many different and beautiful places in this world, and capturing their natural beauty is not only a way to showcase your travels, but to show the depth mother nature uses when painting her masterpieces.However, with so much color, weather, lighting and space to take into consideration, figuring out how to perfectly photograph a landscape can be overwhelming for even an experienced photographer. Follow these expert tips to ensure that you take a photograph to be proud of, and ca …
5th Nov 2017

Updating Your Teen’s Bedroom

It happens all of the time. You wake up one morning, and suddenly your middle schooler, who once had the biggest stuffed animal collection in the state, is now a full blown teenager. It may be time to upgrade their room to something that not only reflects their evolving style, but also serves as functioning space for school work, sleeping in and vegging out.While it’s important to let them incorporate their own opinions in the process, even the most mature of teenagers will need a little …
5th Oct 2017

Five Things That Look Amazing Framed

Photographs and priceless paintings are always going to be in style when looking for some artwork to decorate your walls, but why not try something a bit more unorthodox to modernize your space?Just about anything you desire can be framed to display, and setting your passions out for the world to see is a great way to really reflect your personality in your home. Below are listed five different non-traditional objects that will look beautiful framed in your home, office or any other space. …
28th Sep 2017