Five Things That Look Amazing Framed

Photographs and priceless paintings are always going to be in style when looking for some artwork to decorate your walls, but why not try something a bit more unorthodox to modernize your space?

Just about anything you desire can be framed to display, and setting your passions out for the world to see is a great way to really reflect your personality in your home. Below are listed five different non-traditional objects that will look beautiful framed in your home, office or any other space.

An ultra-cool jacket from your past. If you’ve been hanging on to that genuine leather jacket from your dad’s motorcycle days, or even that favorite denim piece from your time in school, now might be the time to take it out of the attic and put it on your walls. Something about a cool piece of clothing neatly framed instantly makes a room feel more vintage, like you have a story to tell. Give it the royal treatment by choosing a gold or silver frame to really bring out the rock star vibe.

Show your loyalties with a framed flag. It can be a flag from your country, your college or even your beloved summer camp, but nothing says “fan for life” like a flag on display in your home. Other great places to hang these treasures are outdoor porches or game rooms. If it has an extra special meaning to you, include a small placard that details what it is and why it is special.

Road maps of the seasoned traveler. Before the days of Internet navigation, road maps were the only way to see your way around the world. If you have done your fair share of wandering, you may have a marked map that shows where you have been or where you still aspire to go. Framing this bit of your past will remind you of what you have experienced, and excite you about what you may have to come.

Pressed flowers from special events in your life. Florists know the value of beautiful greenery, and it’s a shame to let it go waste once you have finished the event in which it was decorating. With a quick Internet search, you can learn how to preserve those gorgeous buds for a lifetime, and hang them proudly in your home. They’ll be a quick reminder of that wonderful day, and look timeless.

Unfinished sketches. A true artist may tell you that a piece is never quite finished, but an evolving work that can be changed and modified several times over. Because artists often have first draft sketches that can also be sold, these pieces show the evolvement of the artist's style over time, particularly one you may follow closely. Show your fandom by framing these earlier works, and create a conversation piece that will impress all of your family and friends.

28th Sep 2017

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