Updating Your Teen’s Bedroom

It happens all of the time. You wake up one morning, and suddenly your middle schooler, who once had the biggest stuffed animal collection in the state, is now a full blown teenager. It may be time to upgrade their room to something that not only reflects their evolving style, but also serves as functioning space for school work, sleeping in and vegging out.

While it’s important to let them incorporate their own opinions in the process, even the most mature of teenagers will need a little help when it comes to keeping things organized and easy. Follow these simple tips, and you can help them upgrade from tween to teen in no time.

Out with the old, in with the new. The best start to a room makeover is to downsize from their existing collection of non-essentials. Separate everything that is not making the cut into three piles: Keep, Throw Away and Donate. Pack away as much as you want for memories, and discard the rest appropriately. This may include clothing, toys, books, stuffed animals or even art.

Update the paint colors or furniture while you have space. After you have cleared everything out, pick a more neutral color to coat the walls if needed, and upgrade the furniture to fit your growing teen’s needs. A larger bed or bigger chest of drawers can help accommodate their expanding style, and a nice work desk will encourage studying in this quiet space. Resist adding a television or gaming system - these kinds of engaging activities can turn a bedroom from a peaceful retreat to a too-wired distraction.

Add some new artwork. If paintings of ponies or animated movie posters have recently become passe to your teen, upgrade to some more mature artwork that shows their new interests. Music lovers will appreciate gold or silver framed album covers and sports fanatics will enjoy a jersey display.

Add organization with easy storage. Whether it’s lined drawers for their art supplies in the desk, or canvas boxes that they can just throw their books in at the end of the day, the best way to keep your teen from destroying their new space is by making it as easy as possible to put everything away. These days there are tools for everything, from shoe racks to collapsible hangers that make organizing a snap.

Add some comfortable seating for downtime. If you have the space, adding an extra seating area such as a couch, chair or even overstuffed bean bag seat will give your teen a space to relax, talk with their friends or read. The bed is not the best place for this as it encourages sleeping, and should be used for just that. 

5th Oct 2017

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