Interior Designers Use Several Design Standards for Hanging Multiple Picture Frames

Frame arrangements can support or establish a room’s theme. Frames can be empty for a more contemporary, visionary arrangement or filled with beautiful photos or paintings. Contemporary frames mix well with antique round picture frames, as this combination can enhance any room’s design.The shape of the frame arrangement should reflect the shape of the space. For example, a rectangle-shaped entry table should feature either the same rectangle shape or an oval picture frame. Oval frames help …
2nd May 2016

Interior Designs Offer Tips for Displaying Family Photographs

Displaying pictures can present many challenges, even for the most talented interior designers. To help overcome these struggles, interior designers have compiled a list to help homeowners professionally arrange their own family photos. Arrange Photos Before Hanging Them – Whether it is using painter’s tape or light pencil marks, it is important to have a plan before hammering nails into the wall. Tracing frames onto paper and taping them to the wall represents a great visu …
28th Dec 2015