Interior Designers Use Several Design Standards for Hanging Multiple Picture Frames

Frame arrangements can support or establish a room’s theme. Frames can be empty for a more contemporary, visionary arrangement or filled with beautiful photos or paintings. Contemporary frames mix well with antique round picture frames, as this combination can enhance any room’s design.

The shape of the frame arrangement should reflect the shape of the space. For example, a rectangle-shaped entry table should feature either the same rectangle shape or an oval picture frame. Oval frames help to soften harsh lines, adding balance to spaces. The frame arrangements should never extend beyond the width of the furniture lines, unless there are other furniture groupings included, such as chairs or plants that add visual expansion.

Pictures should include common elements. This can include similar frames, shapes, matting or colors. Pictures should have a reason for being together.

When hanging a gallery of photos, start with the focal point, which should be approximately 57 inches from the floor. This is the standard museum height for viewing pictures. All other frames hang around this center picture.

Frames need to be arranged within equal distance, which varies from ½-inch to 2 to 3 inches. The sizing placement varies depending upon the number of frames that are exhibited. A horizontal line is ideal for establishing a grouping, but it is important to have the bottom edges of the frame line up.

To help avoid having extra nail holes in the wall, trace the shape of each frame and tape them in place using painter’s tape. Outline and number each frame. Carefully insert a two-inch nail, leaving approximately ½-inch of the nail exposed. Hang each frame on a hanging wire on the head end of the nail, while positioning each frame within the pattern. Mark all positions on the wall with nails and hardware, remove paper and hang pictures.

Photos and paintings should create balance. Formal spaces may use arrangements of three or more different photos that are the same size of grouping. Alternate shapes add interest to walls. Consider blending round frames with oval picture frames for a unique look. This creates visual interest while following a general theme.

Being creative is different and adds a dramatic look to any group or wall arrangement. Wall arrangements can define apartment or home spaces, making them feel personal and cozy.


2nd May 2016

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