Interior Designs Offer Tips for Displaying Family Photographs

Displaying pictures can present many challenges, even for the most talented interior designers. To help overcome these struggles, interior designers have compiled a list to help homeowners professionally arrange their own family photos.

  • Arrange Photos Before Hanging Them – Whether it is using painter’s tape or light pencil marks, it is important to have a plan before hammering nails into the wall. Tracing frames onto paper and taping them to the wall represents a great visual when trying to plan a family collage.
  • Grouping Photos – Interior designers recommend grouping black and white photos together. This helps collages appear timeless and uniform. Even today’s modern-day pictures are easily to convert to black and white with the assistance of photo editing software.
  • Matching Frames – To make photo galleries appear cohesive, purchase matching frames. Black and white photos look charming with antique round picture frames, which add to the classic simplicity of monochromic styles.
  • Embrace Small Spaces – To help make small spaces appear light and bright, consider framing all the pictures in white large oval frames. This will set the tone for the entire gallery.
  • Same Color, Varying Size – To embrace uniqueness and creativity, stick with the same color, but vary the size of the frames. Add a mixture – some that feature thick and thin frames, single mats, double mats, single pictures, double pictures, etc.
  • Different Types of Frames – When selecting different types of frames, such as oval frames and round frames, stay with black and white photos because it adds uniformity to photo galleries.
  • Antique Frames – Consider using antique picture frames to add history and intrigue to family photos. Oval frames can be used for rectangle photos, especially when used without a backing on a colorful wall.
  • Insert Color – Interior designers recommend inserting pops of color among picture frames that include black, white and metallic tones. These colors pair especially well with deep red.
  • Color Repetition – Sometimes color repetition looks best. Consider using a neutral paint background and a single, bold frame color.
  • Anchors – Consider anchoring family photo arrangements with a large wall letter that represents the first letter of the family’s last name. It gives gallery arrangements a vintage appearance and breaks up any monotony.
  • Creativity – Most importantly, people should be creative and make sure that family photo galleries represent their own person sense of style and truly captures their best, most memorable moments.
28th Dec 2015

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