Creating a Stunning Stairwell

22nd Aug 2018

Multi-level homes can offer many more options than a single-level, but one design piece that they must include is a set of stairs. Believe it or not, the stairwell design had as much thought as the … read more

Creative Way to Display Spring Flowers

10th Apr 2018

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Five Graduation Shadow Box Ideas

4th Apr 2018

Graduation is a very special time, and one attached with many memories. If you want to make a special gift that’s away from the usual gift cards, cash or circular picture frames filled with recent p … read more

Decorating Your Home With Shadowboxes

6th Dec 2017

A rectangular shadow box frame is a three-dimensional frame with a glass casing in the front used to display objects that would otherwise not work in a flat space on the wall. They can be used to di … read more