Creating a Stunning Stairwell

Multi-level homes can offer many more options than a single-level, but one design piece that they must include is a set of stairs. Believe it or not, the stairwell design had as much thought as the rest of the flow of your home and was created with a specific look in mind.

If you want to include your stairwell in your design choices, you may be wondering what you can do to make it the center of attention when guests enter your home, or maybe you want to just evoke your own feelings of happiness when going up to bed each night. See below for some great ideas for how to create a stunning stairwell.

Make this space your gallery wall. Wall space in a stairwell is often neglected, as it thought to be just a transitional area between levels of the home. However, this space is the perfect place to display your most treasured memories with a gallery wall. A gallery wall can be anything you want it to be and can include mix and matched oval picture frames with circle frames, mixed metals or a more uniformed look with rectangular frames in a similar color. Use black and white photos for a more sophisticated look, or create a wall of family silhouettes with black construction paper and a printer.

Add a series of hanging light fixtures. One way to add dimension to this space and add some great lighting is by hanging vintage light fixtures in a series down the ceiling. Mix your pieces by shopping at the local flea market or get a sleek modern look with a minimalistic set from your local hardware store. If hanging fixtures aren't your style, a sleek set of recessed lighting will add a modern touch without too much fuss.

Make a small sitting area for guests. If you have a large, open stairwell that is part of a grand foyer, then you don’t want to neglect the space and leave a gaping hole in your design. Adding a charming bench or a few small comfortable chairs by the bottom of the stairwell will make a great reading space for you, and an excellent space for guests to wait before heading out. Keep a small table with interesting coffee table books, or a vase of fresh flowers.

Hang your favorite art pieces. If you are an avid art collector, the stairwell is one of the best places to display your favorite pieces. This is one of the first spaces that guests will see in your home, so having a conversation piece right up front is a great way to introduce them to your style. Save larger pieces for a wall space below the staircase, and hang the smaller pieces in your favorite shadowbox frame or bubble glass oval frame for the actual stairwell wall. 

22nd Aug 2018

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