Creative Way to Display Spring Flowers

One of the most beautiful aspects of the spring is the gorgeous colors and blooms that come into season during this favored time of year. Vases may come in every shape and color, but they can be limiting when deciding how to display your favorite flowers in your home.

If you want to spread the love this year around the home in unexpected ways, see below for some great ideas on unique ways to hang or place flowers in each room of the house.

Use an antique glass picture frame to make a homemade sconce. You can use this easy craft as a single or in groups for a patterned look. Simply secure a glass vase in the center of the backing of your favorite oval frame and hang them in place on your wall as you normally would. Then just fill the vase with flowers for a stunning “floating” look.

Make a shadowbox window box. Shadowbox frames are very versatile because of their depth, so turning one on its side makes for a fantastic box that can be filled with gorgeous flowers. Have it extend out of the window to the garden so you can still gaze upon them while doing the daily dishes, but they will get plenty of rain and natural sunlight.

Use a small fishbowl for flowers that look amazing in bunches. Full flowers like dahlias or hydrangeas can look great stemmed or stemless, so if you want something unique, use them as filler for a clear fishbowl for a fun display. You can also add something like smooth colored gem rocks at the bottom if you want them to fill the entire bowl without buying out the stock of flowers.

Stack two vases for a layered color look. Take a long, small vase and place it within a larger vase, where an inch to two inches of space remains between the two. Use something colorful for filler in that open space such as lemon or lime slices, greenery or colorful rocks, and then fill the inner vase with your blooms for a colorful and unique look.

Make floating candle centerpieces. Using a tall cylinder vase, sink your bloom to the bottom using a rock or something equally weighted. Fill the vase with water about halfway, and then place a floating candle on the top. If you want your blooms to last a while, use something artificial, but do a color test first to make sure the flower dye doesn’t come off in the water.

Use vintage soda bottles as vases. This is a particularly stylish idea for something like a laid-back garden party where you want to display your prized crop, but also want to keep the vase casualties to a minimum with children running around. Any soda bottle will do, but those tinted with green make for the most natural looking vases. 

10th Apr 2018

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