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Model #1 Large Vintage Frame & Convex Glass Display

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050-MODEL #1
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Large Frame and Convex Glass Display

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#458 Oblong Frame - Silver Shade

#458 Oblong Frame - Silver Shade

The small pearled beading on inside edge of this wood frame is a poplular choice for antique and contemporary settings. This is one of our warmest silver finishes. A silver base coat receives a soft...
#844 Heart Frame - Gold Spray

#844 Heart Frame - Gold Spray

A very ornate and spohisticated frame style with a 4" wide flat contemporary frame with ruffled ornamented beading. A solid gold painted frame that is hand finished to provide a soft gold appearance...
#811 Heart Frame - Silver Spray

#811 Heart Frame - Silver Spray

A 1" wide modern heart frame with decorative medallions that is a good choice for smaller sized spaces and mirrors. The classy silver paint is hand applied on this frame giving a satin silver look...
#601 Arc Sample - Rosewood

#601 Octagon Frame - Rosewood

This gorgeous 1-3/8" wooden octagon frame is a traditional favorite with edge beading and classic medallion ornaments. The Rosewood finish on this frames is among our most popular colors for over...