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Tips for Framers

How to sell more oval & round frames

Welcome to InLine Ovals! As a manufacturing company with 30 years experience supplying the framing industry, we know that ultimately, we succeed when you succeed. With that in mind we are hoping to offer a few tips to help enhance your business with oval and round frames. With very little effort, you will see the demand and sales for ovals and rounds in your store increase. Keep reading to find out how.

Fact: Oval or Round Displays Generate Sales

I sometimes hear framers say, “I love your company, but I just don’t get much call for ovals.” I'm often surprised when I hear this because usually there is another competing store nearby that is doing lots of oval and round frames. Two framers, same area, same target audience, and yet one is doing a steady business in ovals and the other isn’t. How is that possible?

I’ve learned over the years that those that shops that sell oval and round picture frames promote them with simple displays of Oval Frames, Round Frames or a Sample Arcs Sets in their showroom. 

In fact, framers that display Oval Frames, Round Frames and Sample Arc Sets sell on average FIVE TIMES the number of ovals and rounds as those that do not have displays.


So, here are some questions I might ask to a framer who would like to see more calls for oval or round frames:

Tip #1 - Do you have a Vintage Frame and Convex glass in a visible display?


Tip #2Do you have an Oval or Round Framed Mirror in a visible display?


Tip #3Do you have a Sample Arc Set in a visible display?


Simply put, if you don't display any ovals or rounds, your customers are not likely to ask for them, and you may be missing out on an additional profit center in your store.

Framers that display Ovals, Rounds and Sample Arc Sets sell FIVE TIMES the number of oval and round frames as those who don't promote them.

Framers who display Vintage Frame and Convex Glass often hear customers in their store say something like, "Oh yeah, I've got one of those old pictures. Can you replace that glass or reframe it. I didn't know you did that." Resulting in additional sales. 

Framers who display an Oval or Round Framed Mirror often hear customers say something like, "That's a great idea, I didn't know you did round frames and mirrors." Resulting in a returning customer. 

Framers who prominently display a Sample Arc Set hear customers say, "Oh you do oval and round frames too." Your customer now has another reason to return to your shop…to have their art, image or heirloom custom framed.

Thousands of custom frame shops have found that ovals and round displays give your customers a reason to return to your shop and can generate new sales with very little effort.

To get you started we are offering 25% off any of our Display Models or sample arc sets.

Happy Framing!

Jamie McMahon

President - InLine Ovals