About Inline Ovals

InLine Ovals specializes in manufacturing and distributing a wide variety of picture frame goods. They specialize in round frames, oval and rectangle picture frames.

They also feature convex glass, shadow boxes and mirrors. Their shadow boxes feature hand finishing with high-quality details. These shadowboxes do not include any seams or joint corners, which gives these an upscale appearance. They can also make their shadow boxes almost any depth.

Top interior designers, photographers, art and framing companies, floral preservationists and many other leading industries covet these high-end frames. In fact, these frames are more superior to their competition, which makes them dramatically stand out.

Since InLine Ovals’ frames are so coveted, they are found worldwide in homes, museums, art galleries, restaurants and hotels. Their quality designs are featured in movies, magazines and television programs, which further adds to their appeal and desire.

In 1986, InLine Ovals began by starting their own frame shop, which was originally part of a custom store. They began with three different frame profiles and only a few select sizes. Through hard work, they quickly grew into a custom frame store. Customers were extremely interested in purchasing both oval and round picture frames, which are unique to the frame industry. In the 1990s, InLine Ovals further expanded, adding thousands of new frame products, styles, sizes, shapes and a wide variety of colors.

Furthermore, in 2003, InLine Ovals relocated from three buildings to their brand new facility, which included art manufacturing and distribution. In turn, this allowed for yet another expansion, where InLine Ovals added a custom manufacturing team. This area operates a full-service wood shop. It produces custom-size and shape picture frames, including some custom furniture, such as conference tables, toddler beds and other wood products that require more flexibility and unique designs.

InLine Oval’s headquarters are in Magrath, Alberta, Canada. They have a U.S. distribution warehouse in Cut Bank, Montana.

They are committed to providing the highest level of quality customer service and working to fulfill custom orders for a variety of industries.

16th May 2016

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