Adding Glamour to the Master Bedroom

The master’s bedroom is your client’s private sanctuary. Decorating such a private space will not only require some creativity on your part, but also an understanding of your client’s needs.

Today’s trend is to have bigger master suites, that allow the owners not just a space for sleeping, but for simply letting their hair down and allowing the stresses of their daily lives to flow out. As a professional interior decorator, you can give these relaxation spaces a bit of dazzle so that your clients can relax in luxury.

Here are some master bedroom tips and tricks you can use to glam up your client’s bedrooms:

  • Keep comfort foremost in your mind. Give your client’s bedroom a five-star hotel treatment. Start with recommending a high-quality mattress, as well as choosing fluffy comforters and pillows. Choose sheets with a high-thread count.
  • Add metallic finishes. The soft and lustrous gleam of gold, silver and bronze can add a sense of decadence to the master suite. You can mimic the “disco ball feel with pillow accents that are covered in gold or silver sequins. You can also incorporate antique silver picture frames that contain landscapes or black and white shots just above the bed, which can serve as a headboard.
  • Play with light. Lighting in the bedroom must be soft and dreamy, rather than bright and brash. You can add a more romantic atmosphere by incorporating mirrors inside small round picture frames on the bedside table. Place lampshades right at the center of the frames. The light from the lampshade will reflect on the mirrors.
  • Incorporate living room furniture in the master suite. This provides places for sitting that are not the bed. You can lounge with a book on the sofa or listen to music while relaxing in the rocking chair. This allows you to limit any tech (tablets and smartphones) from your bed.
  • Add a feature wall at the head of the bed. Go bold with gold! However, if you decide to do this, you will need to minimize the other accessories. The same goes for the use of color. This kind of feature wall will work best with a monochromatic setting. Get a piece or pieces of plywood that completely spans the bed and the bedside tables. Cover this piece of wood with distinctive gold wallpaper.
  • Splash glamour on the ceiling. Going with the monochromatic theme, you can use the gold in the ceiling rather than on the wall. Paint the ceiling with a muted, textured gold tone that will only increase the oomph factor of the bedroom, especially as the gold interacts with the lighting in the ceiling. To match the gold ceiling, you can use a silver-framed bed.
  • Add a warm rug. Nothing jars the just-woke-up-and-I’m-feeling-rested feeling than stepping on a cold floor. Add a fluffy rug just beside the bed, as well as thick area rug near the foot of the bed. You can also consider adding wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Use silk blackout curtains. Give your clients the luxury of staying in bed when they feel like it. The thick curtains keep the outside world away with the shiny silk texture provides a sensual and deluxe atmosphere.
25th Oct 2016

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