Alternate Items to Display using Custom Display Cases

It is not just the major pieces of furniture, the lighting fixtures and window treatments that make for beautiful spaces. The little details that are displayed on the walls, shelves and tabletops are an excellent way to add personality and joie de vivre to your clients’ homes.

The great thing is that you have other alternatives aside from picture frames. Although picture frames are a great way to adorn the walls, you can also make use of these custom display cases:

  • Needlepoint display. If your client is serious about her needlework, you can add her masterpieces on the walls to recognize the beauty of her work. Prepare the needlepoint projects by gently cleaning, drying and ironing them. Then, obtain a number of circular picture frames. Securely mount the fabric onto the mounting board, close the frame and voila! Your client will get a kick out of seeing her works highlighted.
  • Domed glass exhibit. Domed glass with a gorgeous antique circular base creates a 360-degree display where you can place treasured knick-knacks and souvenirs. The bended glass allows you to place items that need more depth. Domed glass display cases provide you with the freedom to display precious 3-dimensional items such as flowers, antique jewelry, dolls, sports items, shells and other items of nature. InlineOvals offers a wide range of glass domes and bases that can come with helpful display accessories such as watch hooks, platforms and hanging wire. You can place this on the mantle top, tabletop or on the coffee tables.
  • Shadow box frames. Shadow box frames are picture frames that have additional height. Choose the standard 5-inch deep shadow box or opt for added depth. Using this, you can frame highly personal items such as your baby’s christening clothes and shoes, your wedding favors or jewelry, your kids’ medals, action figures and a whole lot more. At InlineOvals, you can order the shadow box frame of your choice, including ones that have an ornate antique picture frame design, as well as uniquely shaped shadow boxes. You can even order shadow boxes that follow the shape of your prized item such as a violin, golf clubs and baseball bat and mitt.
  • Jersey display cases. These are custom shadow box frames that have a little bit of depth to accommodate your clients’ sports jerseys. The jersey display cases are made to follow the shape of a particular jersey. InlineOvals has cases for basketball, baseball, football and hockey jerseys. When mounting a jersey into the case, you should use transparent nylon thread so that the areas where you have attached the fabric of the jersey are not readily visible. These cases can be the ideal ornament in your client’s den or “man cave”.
  • Butterfly collection. With these, you can use domed glass with base or a shadow box frame. If you only plan to display two or three butterflied, you can use domed glass, you can incorporate pieces of wood, some pebbles and dried moss. You can set it up so that the butterflies look as if they are just perched on the piece of wood. For a display that classifies and labels a number of butterflies, a shadow box frame will be the best option. Carefully mount the specimen using strong glue or pins. Make sure that the butterfly wings are hinged to the body and that the wings are raised just above the surface of the board. Add some paper strip labels to identify each specimen.
  • Lighted monograms. Don’t limit your options to frames. You can also install small light bulbs into wooden letters, making sure that the bulbs follow the shape of each letter. The lighting can imbibe some sparkle and subtle mood lighting to a space.
  • Custom-shaped shelves. Why give your clients straight shelves when you can create custom-made shelves that suit their personality and taste? These shelves can become conversation starters in their own right. Some options include chevron style shelves, shelves that follow the shape of a tree or a mountain, curved shelves or octagonal shelves. Then, you can add colorful statues, mini flower displays and so on.
12th Sep 2016

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