Amazing Ways to Repurpose Your Oval Frames

Picture frames serve an amazing purpose as the safekeepers of our precious photographs and art, but sometimes too much of a good thing can make the home look overwhelming or cluttered.

If you have oval frames that you are not willing to give up yet but have worn out their welcome on your walls, try upcycling them in one of these unique ways to save those previous frames, but also give them a great function.

A stylish earring holder. Remove the glass from your antique oval frame, and purchase strips of a material that is strong, but useful, like lace. Secure the lace in strips from one end of the frame in a horizontal pattern to the other, and hang the frame near your other jewelry for easy access. Hang your earrings in their pairs from the holes in the lace for a pretty display when you’re not using them, and an easy jewelry holder when you are.

A unique living room remote tray. Take a wooden oval frame, and paint it a color that will match well with your living room walls or furniture. Add a backing that will be sturdy, and be sure to decorate it as well with paint or fun wallpaper. Simply secure the backing to the bottom of your frame, and lay it on the coffee table for a remote control tray that keeps the unsightly necessities looking great.

Make a corkboard for the kitchen. Using cork board material that can be found at any hardware store, cut a piece of the cork to fit in your frame. You can use the frame itself as a reference, but you’ll likely get a better fit if you use the glass. Glue the cork board material to the back of your frame, and hang with a cute ribbon. This would make a great gift for a college student, or a friend who just loves to save the little things like ticket stubs. If you want to make it extra feminine, criss-cross ribbons in an “x” pattern all across the board to be able to tuck extra treasures in.

Make a small unique end table. Using a piece of strong wood cut to the shape of your large oval frame, paint the wood and the frame to match in color. Scour the thrift stores and flea markets for a long furniture leg or lamp that can be used as a standing base, and paint it to match. Glue the base to the bottom of your frame, and stand it at the end of your favorite couch for a small convenient table for drinks or books. 

11th Dec 2017

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