Bedroom Design Ideas for 2019

A new year is a perfect excuse for a new look, and why not redecorate the one space in your home that you can intimately call your own? Decorators have been studying the upcoming trends for months in advance, and are well-versed in bringing a bedroom into the new year with style.

If you are looking for ways to make your bedroom cozy and trendy for 2019, see below for some great decoration ideas that will have you ahead of the curve all year long.

Keep organized with a raised storage bed. While trends are pointing towards the drama of the four-poster canopy bed, a minimalist raised platform bed is just as in style for those with limited space or simpler tastes. Not only do these beds look great with clean lines and take up very little space in smaller rooms, but they also add functionality with providing drawer storage built right into the frame for extra blankets, pillows or books to keep right by the bedside.

Layer your look. Large area rugs have always been in fashion, especially with people moving farther and farther away from the carpeted floors of the 70s. Keep your toes cozy by adding an extra rug layer with a brightly colored smaller rug or even animal skin to add some depth as well as a pop of color for a bland looking large rug.

Add some texture with your pieces. Instead of keeping everything flat against the surface it covers, invite you or your guests to draw their eyes towards textured pieces. Try a floral comforter with raised flowers, or add in a large oval picture frame to hold a three-dimensional piece of abstract art. Keep soft chenille throws over chairs for a pop of color, and you’ll never want to leave your cozy cocoon of soft pieces to touch.

Make a smaller room look larger with some clever tricks. Adding floor-to-ceiling drapes behind the bed (even with no window!) will add length to the walls and make the ceiling appear higher, and adding in a large antique oval mirror on the opposite side of the light will add depth and length to the room, making it appear larger.

Keep your memories in sight with floating shelves. Don’t bother with built-in bookcases or large pieces that take up too much space. This year is all about staying organized and simple but still adding style. Floating shelves are the perfect way to display small trinkets from your travels or your favorite smaller vintage frames filled with memories of the best moments of your past year. Make it a tradition to change out the photos each year to remember the great times you had and have you looking towards the future. 

22nd Jan 2019

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