Creative and Easy Alternatives to a Wedding Guest Book

No matter how much planning or practice or time goes into a wedding, the actual event itself tends to go by in one busy, happy, extraordinary blur. This is precisely why couples have found guest books to be a critical component in their weddings. Sadly, most couples tend to look through their wedding day guest books a few days after the wedding and then place them up on a shelf or in a closet to never be looked at again. Here are some more practical and creative ways to remember all the special people who made a point of attending your big day.

  • Wedding Day Picture Frame - Use a large black oval picture frame with a thick mat along the inside. Provide a pretty pen and have guests sign their names with a message along the matting. Place a picture of your wedding day inside of the oval wood frame and display it in your home to remember all your beloved family members and friends.
  • Message in a Bottle - Cut out small pieces of paper and ask your guest to write small bits of advice or encouragement to the bride and groom on them. Place the papers inside of a large glass bottle and pull out a message every year on your anniversary to celebrate and reminisce.
  • Wrapped in Love Quilt - Provide colorful squares of material to your guests and have them write their names with a fabric marker on each piece of material. Sew the pieces together to create a blanket which will wrap you in love, comfort and happy memories each time you use it.
  • Written in Wood - Brides and grooms can choose to use a piece of large treated wood as s fun guest book option. Have guests sign their names with a black marker. Use the piece of wood over a doorway, as part of a piece of furniture or as part of the construction of a new house.
  • Sporty Signatures - Incorporate the couple’s athletic activities by having guests sign a pair of skis, a set of new tennis rackets or on a cool surfboard. The couple can display the gear in their home as a fun conversation piece of they can use them in a fun adventure together.
  • Piece of My Heart Puzzle - Another cute alternative to a wedding guest book is to buy a large puzzle and separate all the pieces. Guests will sign the back of the puzzle pieces. The couple will have fun piecing together all the memories of their wedding day guests as they build the puzzle together. The puzzle can then be mounted and framed in a bubble glass frame.  
18th Jul 2017

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