Cute and Easy Father’s Day Craft Ideas You Can Make with Your Kids

Father’s Day is a fabulous time to make the most important man in your family feel loved and appreciated by his children. While a new tie or a coffee mug are always useful, wow him with a special gift made by the itty bitty hands of his children. Here are some cute and easy ways to get the kids involved in your Father’s Day Craft.

  • We Love Daddy Picture Frame - Get out the non-toxic kid-friendly paint and find round wooden frames for your picture. Let your kids paint and decorate the round wood frames to their heart’s content. Place a picture of your child holding a sign which says “I love my Daddy” inside of the frame. This gift will be a timeless treasure to display throughout the year.
  • Chalkboard Command Center - Use a large unfinished oval wood frame with a piece of chalkboard inside of it. Stamp your child’s hand and use their fingerprints to decorate the frame. Use a hot glue gun to attach painted clothespins to the top of the frame, because these can be used to add pin type of message to the command center. Add two teacup hooks to the bottom of the oval wood frame to hold key hooks and hats. Be sure to write “Our Dad is the greatest!” and our sweet messages on the center of the chalkboard.
  • BBQ Apron - Is the dad in your house a master chef or the king of the grill? A personalized apron may be just the perfect gift. Look for a plain apron at your local craft store. Use acrylic paint pens to write “My Dad Can Cook Better than Your Dad” and have your kids sign their names and a message to their dad on the apron. He will love it, and the gift will hopefully get him cooking up some tasty meals for the family, too.
  • Rock Star Paperweight - When it comes to Father’s Day crafts, you can’t go wrong with the classic rock paperweight. Find a large rock, have your child paint and decorate it with stickers. Be sure to write, “My Dad Rocks!” on it somewhere so he knows how much he is loved. It’s pretty much written in stone that every dad must have at least one of these in his possession before he can say he’s a real dad.
  • Daddy Desk Organizer - Collect glass jars of all different shapes and sizes. Have your child decorate them with paint, stickers and photographs taped to the inside of the jars. You can also apply hot glue to the outside of the jar and wrap it in colorful yarn. Fill the jars up with pretty office supplies or his favorite candy. 
27th Jul 2017

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