Cute Ways to Record Back to School

It’s time for school to start! This is an exciting time for students (and their parents who finally get the house back), and it is important to try and capture these memories. Twelve years fly by so much faster than you think! Take a look at some of our favorite ways to commemorate your child’s first day of a new school year.

Draw a chalk outline. Have your child lie down and help them outline themselves or each other in chalk. Have your child sign and color their outline, preserving their artistic style and penmanship. This is a much more fun activity than standing for a picture!

Make a collage. Take a picture of your child in their first day of school outfit and combine hang it with a framed handprint. Let them choose their favorite color for the handprint and see if that colors changes as they grow. At the end of the year you can take another handprint and last day of school picture, and hang all the pictures together with the dates labeled.

Go to the school a few days before to snap pictures. Although some kids love to have their picture taken, some not so much! Save the stress day of and take your child to the school before it starts to grab some images. Not only can this get you and your student comfortable to the school, it makes a much more relaxing photo shoot. Plus, without their peers watching your kids might feel a little more extroverted and willing to getting creative.

Take pictures with your kid’s personality in mind. Yes, it is tempting to dress your child up in their nicest clothes for the first day of school. Leave some room for an additional shoot as well. Let them pick out their own outfit and background. Have them pose with favorite stuffed animal, book, family pet and friends. Kids are growing and changing so much at this time in their lives, try to capture some of it! Worse case, you will have excellent blackmail material of how your kid wanted to dress themselves that you can show when they are a teenager.

Take some of end of year pictures as well. You will be surprised how much can change in a year! Wishing good luck to all the returning students and teachers this fall!

12th Sep 2019

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