Decorating the Bathroom with Picture Frames

Picture frames in the bathroom? Yes, absolutely! Make your clients’ bathrooms a reflection of their personality and unique sense of style. Picture frames are an affordable and easy way to do this. You can easily incorporate pops of color and soothing images inside the bathroom.

Here are some places you can put picture frames in the bathroom:

  • As a mirrored feature wall. Give your bathroom the luxe treatment by having one wall covered with mirror tiles. Then, add to the effect by leaning an oversized framed mirror against the mirrored wall. This ensemble should ideally be in front of the bathtub so that you can soak in the light and silver magic as you take a soak in the bathtub. The mirror on mirror arrangement provides texture and a sense of effortless elegance and luxury to your bathroom. Of course, the tub should have enough distance so that the mirror does not get wet too often.
  • Above the toilet. Create a vertical line that creates an illusion of height. This works very well for those who have limited bathroom space. Choose a picture frame (or a set) that is at the same width as the toilet tank. It is also best to match the frame color to the color of the toilet. For instance, use a white vintage picture frame with a classic white toilet. Now, if you have a lot of empty wall spaces, you can also create a grid using a set of four smaller-sized picture frames. When hanging the frames, provide enough space between the toilet top and the lower edge of the frames. This gives space for bathroom accessories such as a tray of toiletries, a cactus plant in a pot or a tissue box.
  • In frame ledges near the shower. Add more storage and display space with a set of shelves. This can be placed right in front of the toilet or just beside the shower stall. Aside from the necessary toiletries, you can use some layers of frames in different sizes. This can contain your photos, as well as inspirational quotes. Another alternative is to simply have a set of differently sized empty frames and layer them over each other.
  • Above the bathtub. Make your bathtub the centerpiece of your bathroom by hanging an oversized picture frame right above the bathtub. This provides the “wow factor” when one enters the bathroom. Choose an ornate picture frame with a relaxing landscape or print. Avoid having prints that exude energy since you want something that can relax you while you have your “me time” soaking.
  • Mimic a window. If you want more “windows” in the bathroom, install a series of framed square mirrors that form the shape of your real mirror. Ideally, you should put this ensemble in a wall so that the mirrors reflect the natural light from the window.
  • Above the towel bar. Give the bathroom a personal touch by adding two or more small frames above the towel bar. The overall width of the frames should be not less that two-thirds the length of the towel bar but no longer than the towel bar.

You just need to exercise a little caution so that your picture frames (some of which may be made of wood) do not get wet too often. When placing it near water or a source of water such as a faucet or the bathtub, place enough distance between the water source and the frame to minimize water damage. In addition, be mindful of safety. It is best to replace the glazing with acrylic so that even if the frame falls, you don’t have to worry about clear, broken glass.

13th Mar 2017

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