Decorating with Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors have a special kind of magic. The silver shimmer and the reflective properties of mirrors imbibe a special kind of personality and sparkle to a space. Wall mirrors are also excellent space-management tools. With the right placement, your interior decorating strategy can include an airy and spacious atmosphere.

Now here are some wall mirror decorating tips you can use for your clients or for your store:

  • Reflect the best spots. Mirrors can highlight the unsightly areas in a living space. You can double the clutter with a poorly placed mirror. Now, you can also double the positive by choosing the right spot on the wall. Ideal areas where you can place wall or framed mirrors are at the foyer or entry hall (where visitors have the welcome view of their own faces), opposite a great view outside the window or above a mantel as the room’s focal point.
  • Choose the right frame. Antique round picture frames can be the perfect home for a mirror, especially if you are going for a classic look for the room. Meanwhile, you can select plain, black or neutral-colored frames to house an oversized mirror to go with a contemporary, minimalist design aesthetic. The overall look of the framed mirror should be one that complements the other design elements in the room. That is, unless you are aiming for a non-traditionalist and eclectic design where the entire theme is about mixing and matching.
  • Consider the proportions of the furniture vis a vis the mirror. A mirror is usually placed above a major piece of furniture such as a sofa or console table to add balance to the display. The rule of thumb is that the mirror should never be wider than the furniture that it is paired with. For instance, a large oval framed mirror placed above a sofa should not be more than two-thirds the width of that sofa. Also, if you have a narrow mirror, you can compensate by adding wall décor (lighting sconces or paintings) on both sides. If you have a mid-sized mirror, the best way to display this is to group the mirror along with smaller wall décor.
  • Try frameless mirrors. For the modern look, you can look into using frameless mirrors with beveled edges. This works very well with dark-colored walls, since the mirror will look good even without the frame.
  • Create a collage. For an interesting and textured look, you can use mirrors in plain, circular frames that are in different sizes. This adds visual interest, especially when placed above a sofa or a front entry display.
  • Add mirrors on the hallways and staircases. Brighten up a dark passageway by incorporating a collage of mirrors in different sizes. This makes the hallway a little less dreary as the mirrors reflect any light source. The mirrors can serve to give a family member a chance for a last look at their outfit or makeup.
  • Oversized mirrors. Take an oversized framed mirror and lean it against the wall so that it has an upward angle that make give you a different view of the room. Another option is to layer an empty frame with a framed mirror. Take an oversized and empty picture frame and place a smaller framed mirror of the same shape in front.
  • Use cutouts and color. Paint the mirror frame a bright color to add a splash of brightness to an overall neutral-colored room. Make use of laser cutout frames (you can have one customized) to add to the effect.
  • Combine mirrors and light. Add vivid luster or up the romantic glow of a room with creative use of light. For instance, you can use small, framed mirrors as a lampshade base. The mirrors will reflect the muted light coming from the lampshades for an extra romantic atmosphere.
  • Place one outdoors. The porch can benefit with the addition of an oversized mirror. This brings the indoors out, making your porch feel like one of the rooms inside your house. What’s more, soft lighting such as one that comes from candle can provide a gorgeous atmosphere come nighttime. 
19th Sep 2016

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