Designs Trends of 2018 And What Frames to Pair With Them

Everyone wants to up their style game at some point, and a change in seasons is the perfect time to reevaluate your home design and refresh your look.

If you are wanting to know the trendiest design tips for this year, and how to coordinate them with your favorite oval picture frames, then see below for some great ideas.

English and French Countryside accents. For a timeless look that seems always to put you at ease, aim for a cozy countryside look with deep blues and whites, with latches on everything. Pair this 19th-century decor with a sprinkling of antique oval frames in gorgeous distressed white or dark cherry wood. Add some elegance with some vintage oval frames that include ornate scrolling.

French baking racks in the kitchen. This trend plays double duty by serving as a gorgeous decor piece and a great way to organize your kitchen. Place these minimalist pieces as an island divider or on either side of your stainless steel hooded vent to keep your dinnerware or favorite kitchen appliances looking like art while not in use. Pair these with minimalist black oval frames and black and white photos for a gorgeous modern look.

Vertically stacked frames. Gallery walls are always in style, but what to do with those small spaces in between door frames and window panes? Vertically stacked art is all the rage right now, so it’s a perfect time to use those small spaces to your advantage. Rectangular frames work best for this, and you can either do a photo series, mix it up or even break one single picture into several pieces to make a divided look.

Natural wood. Forget trying to match your furniture with your frames. This year is all about au naturel. Adding natural wood is a great way to incorporate a more rustic theme into your decor. Natural wood frames with pressed flowers or your favorite paintings go well with the countryside trend or with a more modern look.

Golds and Greens. Sea tones and sages are the colors of the year, and they go great with beautiful gold frames. Paint the cabinets or pick up that sage green couch and add in your gold accents for a beautiful, relaxing area to unwind. To brighten up a room, try a large gold framed oval mirror to create the illusion of a larger space and bring more light during the day.

Deep purples and dark woods. Purple is an overlooked fall color since we tend to love the reds, oranges and yellows of the season. However, this long-loved royal color is a gorgeous way to add some elegance to a formal dining room. Pair it with deep espresso wood oval frames or cherry reds for a beautiful look.

3rd Sep 2018

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