DIY - Framing Your Oil Painting

Oil painting on canvas creates an air of grandeur and professionalism to an art lover’s collection. Adding a frame to an oil painting is a necessary part of displaying your art piece. It protects the painting as well as adds to its value. Here are the steps to take to frame an oil painting.

  • Measure your canvas.
  • Select your frame. This is the fun part. Select a frame which will complement the painting and your home’s décor. The most popular choice of frames for oil paintings is wooden frames. They come in lots of shapes and styles and can be easily cleaned. Round wood frames and square wood frames are great matches to most oil paintings. While you are purchasing your frame, pick up a pack of frame clips and mounting hardware as well.
  • Remove the unnecessary parts. You will not need the glass piece because oil paint needs room to breathe. You will also remove the cardboard backing, the glazier points and the saw tooth hanger.
  • Placement. Pop in the painting and make sure it fits securely. This is also a great time to decide if this is the right frame for the painting before it is permanently framed.
  • Secure with frame clips. Place the frame clips underneath the painting’s frame and over the wooden stretcher behind the canvas. These will keep the painting from shifting in the frame.
  • Add a dust cover. A dust cover helps protect the oil painting from the dust or damage from the wall and is typically made from brown butcher paper, cut to the size of the back of the frame. Apply double-sided tape to the back of the frame and place the dust cover securely over it. Make sure there is no extra paper peeking over the corner of the frame.
  • Mount hardware. Place them about four inches down from the top of the frame, and screw them into the frame with a screwdriver. Loop the wire through the clips and prepare to hang your painting.
  • Hang it up. Use a stud finder to locate a stud for heavier paintings. Use a pencil to mark the spot where you want the nail to go and hammer the nail in. Hang the picture and enjoy!
4th Sep 2017

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