DIY Gift Baskets Sure to Please

What do you give the person who has everything this holiday season? Sometimes the best gifts are given as a set of items that, when grouped together, can give everything from an amazing spa day to a great date night just for two.

If you are looking for some unique gift baskets you can put together yourself, then see below for a few ideas.

For the budding photographer: f you have someone who has been dabbling in learning photography or even just an appreciator of the art, a gift basket containing these few items could inspire them enough to continue pursuing their hobby. Try putting together some high-quality film, a membership to a great place in nature such as a botanical garden or national park, and of course, beautiful oval picture frames and vintage oval frames to keep their best prints on display for friends and family.

For the coffee lover: Start with a mug that captures their personality, and fill it with everything from gourmet grounds to cinnamon stick stirrers. If they often stop at their favorite coffee shop for a first-morning fix, a gift card will go nicely with the rest of your offering.

For the wine and cheese buff: A membership to a wine of the month club paired with a different cheese for each new tasting would make a wine and cheese aficionado jump with delight. If you don’t know much about the world of different fancy cheeses, consult an expert at a restaurant or just choose a few on a whim for your friend or family member to try.

For the amateur baker: A gift basket full of goodies for a baker will bring them so much fun! Instead of giving them cookies, give them all of the goods to make the feast themselves, with everything from cookie dough to colorful toolsets, and recipes for unique goodies they can make themselves. The amateur baker in your life will be so grateful they may even invite you over to share in the results!

For the gardener: Along with the usual gardening tools and flower seeds, you can actually easily make the basket itself a part of the fun. Using a garden hose to twist and secure with zip-ties, you can fashion a basket to hold all of your great gifts in the hose basket itself. Pair it with some cute gardening gloves and a matching apron, and you’ll be sure to watch their love for this gift grow.

For the fisherman: Skip the basket for a tackle box, and fill it with everything from bait shop gift cards to shiny new lures. You can also add in some of their favorite drinks and snacks to keep them from being famished while they wait for “the big one.” A small battery-operated radio or travel television is also a great way to help them while away those long quiet mornings spent on or by the water. 

19th Nov 2018

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